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Old 04-15-2009, 11:18 AM
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Default Where are Assyrians? San Jose

Assyrians in San Jose, CA

in 1977 there was 2 or 3 families that settled in San Jose, and mostly Assyrian were in San Francisco and South Bay...

A few families already in San Jose were early settlers and spoke mostly English

Daniel Benjamin started MYP Mar Yosip Parish (Assyrian Church of the East) in mid 1978 and later started AACC Assyrian American Community Center and which in early 80's came AAA Assyrian American Association

AAA was mostly if not completely organized for Assyrians from Iran
this started the 1st separation among Assyrians and AACC was combined all Assyrians and the last year that AACC was joined or combined with AAA, New Year Party tickets were refused for Assyrians of Iraq and was 99% Assyrians from Iran and Late AACC President got in argument with AAA president over the fact that Iranian Singer along with Assyrians from Iran are separating Assyrians from each other.....

AAA President replied (this is the clean version) Tuff for them in a demeaning way against Assyrians of Iraq...

During the Sametime maybe concurring, came the Presbyterian Church which started from MYP and started the 2nd Separation in San Jose...

And late 80's or beginning of 90's came Assyrian Catholic Church St. Mary Church, this started the 3rd Seperation...

and then came other branches of Presbyterian churches and started 4th, 5th Separation and 6th separation

and them came the LIGHT in 1998 MOTWA was created again by who else Mr. Daniel Benjamin on recommendation of His Holiness Mar Dinkha IV, Patriarch...

MOTWA blew up it GOT everyones Support and was established by the people for the people (brought everyone together again)

1999 Assyrian Flag was recognized by Santa Clara County by MOTWA President Daniel Benjamin and MOTWA Committee in MYP Church hall in a huge Celebration which included All Assyrians IRAQ, IRAN, All Churches

2000 Assyrian Flag was raised for the first time since Fall of Nineveh, and Assyria 500 to 600 B.C. and then came trouble

Churches realized that MOTWA is growing beyond churches another words Churches will soon have to answer to MOTWA

at the time most people did not realize that X-Bishop Ashur Soro (Mar Bawaii) and Assyrian Catholic church and Presbyterian Churches and ZOWAA were working together on a long planned plot against ACOE Assyrian Church of the East

NOTE: To this date we are not sure of AUA and Federation involvement in this matter... To our knowledge they were not, but there is other ties that connects them to ZOWAA

thru Slashes/ Multi Name Nation was agreed by AUA, we have seen the signatures, the ONLY Org. that did not agree with this Slashes and filed charges against it was BET NAHRAIN Inc. (Pres. Dr. Sargon Dadeesho)

This Group Stood against MOTWA and started to scatter the committee members that was made up of many Assyrians from different organizations...

This was the 7th GRAND Separation that all Churches and OMTA organizations were involved in... This broke the Camels back...

to wrap this up MY evaluation from San Jose Assyrians is this:
San Jose Assyrians caused a major damage to Assyrian Nation and history most of these bad organizations and plots and funding came from or started from San Jose and California

the best things in San Jose came from MYP and ACOE and particular Members and Many bad Assyrians put this Cloud over our heads

We are the old Ninevites that went BAD and it's time for Jona to PREACH to Us to redeem our selves by repenting and this time Jona has came in a form of MEDIA...

AMA Assyrian Media Association is the answer for our Future

Lets make things right again


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Old 04-16-2009, 06:49 PM
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MOTWA blew up it GOT everyones Support and was established by the people for the people (brought everyone together again)
Dear Ashuraya,

Being an Assyrian not from CA, I appreciate your historical background on Assyrians in San Jose.

MOTWA blew up it GOT everyones Support and was established by the people for the people (brought everyone together again)
Can you tell me a bit more in detail what happened to this MOTWA and why did it go down after it blew up.
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Old 04-22-2009, 02:58 PM
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Default MOTWA, Assyrian National Council

MOTWA was a Public organization that was created by the people for the people.

Blew Up!
what i mean by blew up, is MOTWA took off it got everyones attention, support and very popular with everyone

Many organizations such as ZOWAA/AAS made comments such as that most of the people are from zowaa/aas! well reality is most of the people were from local churches/organizations so AAS saw this as a competition and a challenge they did not want to deal with....

Local churches generaly do not want to see Omta Org. growing bigger than them, if so Church organizations will get smaller and will loose their popularity

Unfotunatly, when only looking in front of you you miss whats coming down the road. Most org. missed the fact that MOTWA will help grew these churches and push Christianity and Assyrianism...

We are so small thinker thats why our org. dont grew and dont mature into a real organizations that are supported across all Assyrians
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Old 04-22-2009, 03:42 PM
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Cool Assyrian Media Association (AMA)

Assyrian Media Association AMA
We as a Nation need solid organization to represent us in public
Not organizations that are backed by 200 - 300 People...

200 - 300 Assyrians represent .01% of Assyrians, if that?
We need Media Organizations that are viewed across the world so we can claim numbers as great as 500,000 1/2 Million or Millions of Viewers and Assyrians that are Members of these Media Organization

AMA has a long explanation of goals and objectives and is being created for the People and has to be supported by most Assyrians and it will be.

All interested Assyrians Please Email us and tell us your point of view and/or how can you help... Assyrian Businesses are very important to this formula of Success

NOTE: AMA is being created by new generation NOT our Perents. they have done their part, its time for Us to start working and being the Activists to create a NEW ASSYRIA for our children to come
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Old 04-30-2009, 08:52 PM
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I would like to add few to your article regarding San Jose and who started the MYC.
Our family of more then a dozen did reside in San Josť in mid 1982 as a young person
We did have involved in church. I personally want to thank Then Qasha Yosip Zaia H.B Mar Meelis Zaia to help us out by pick us up from to church. G
God Bless You H.B. Mar Meelis Zaia.

There was the family of Late Mr. Jack Bookee and Late Mr. David Zia Mr. Ragger Younan and his sister
Barbara also her husband Mr. Ernie Isola also Mr. Victor Badal Mr. Kamoo Oraha and his wife the late
Helen Oraha God blesses them all. There are few more but since some did move out I forgot there names.
Yes Mr. Rabi Denial Benjamin he did insisted to have ACOE in San Jose since we had the AACC
Assyrian American Committee Club we where very happy and united at the time there was no chaldyan
Church in bay area they all attended our rented church in Campbell till they had there Saint Mary they
Stopped coming to ACOE. Ever since.
Our club had many great presidents Mr. Dave Albazi Mr. Dr Ramon Mr. Ragger Yonan the last one was
George Zaia that he gave the keys to the Club SHOTAPOTA DATOR and more then $ 44 Thousands dollars to this shotapota that all there committee are from catholic church none from ACOE.
Also none ASSYRIANS Iraqis are in there committee all are Assyrians from Iran.!?
I personally think we need to bring that club back so our ASSYRIANS from Iraq do have a social club
Currently we have been organizing meeting just to do that and the doors are open to all ASSYRIANS from all over the world. Not only one country church that will be called discrimination.! Correct ??? The doors are open for any person that has love to help we do recommend young people so they don't do the mistakes of the older ones that our nation is paying havy price for there mistakes. no more old ideas please.

Thank you akoona for bringing this to our attentions God Bless UMTAN ASHORAYTA
Khaya Ator
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Old 05-07-2009, 12:57 PM
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Default 80's were Paradise

Yes thanks for the reminders, of what we had in the 80's and what we are missing. San Jose was Paradise on earth...

We need to re-capture those days. We will get more into details on the events took place... You made me cry, thinking back to those days of peace and togetherness... Hopefully we can awaken the Beast in all of us to stand against right and wrong
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assyrians of san jose

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